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1. Create a product that customers love.

B Corps make stand out products. Across every industry, companies who have achieved the BCorp certification innovate in a way that reflects their mission. Take Patagonia Works for example, a veteran BCorp (first in California) and “Best in the World” winner multiple times over with stand out gear and an unparalleled grasp on the outdoor industry. They simultaneously push for stronger performance while remaining steadfast in their design ethos. For your physical, durable products, consider the balance between longevity and low impact for every inch of material and packaging. Refuse to compromise on quality and stay connected to the deeper purpose of why you exist as a business. 

When it comes to consumables, consider not only the use of the product but how its end of life has to provide an opportunity to continue telling your story in the best way possible. You should assure your integrity with every aspect of the customers’ interaction. Intrinsically, a BCorp has a strong relationship with its customers, employees, and with nature. Consider King Arthur Baking Company, a founding BCorp member in 2007, employee owned, with over 200 years of history in the USA. A company whose products are as approachable as sack of flour can differentiate themselves through a commitment to regenerative agriculture and meaningful supply chain partnerships. They build upon a stand out product through a diverse baking culture that reflects recipes representative of all people in the United States, and by extension the world.

A BCorp’s products stand out regardless of whether you understand the full scale of the certification. A BCorp’s product are the best in the world that strike the best balance for an intentional, mission driven business.

2. Create a value chain the planet loves

Not only do BCorps imbed strong purpose into what they make, but also how they make it. 

Transparency today can save immeasurable amounts of explanation in the future. Customers can and should be privileged to know the source of your raw materials. You should consider the hands that procured your product offerings to be just as important as the hands that use them. Every step in your supply chain can be vetted to ensure you are not contributing to the exploitation of people or the planet. Consider the innate, human effect of a more personal relationship with whom you do business with, and allow that mentality to permeate through your business culture.Customers will recognize the difference because the BCorp Impact Assessment challenges you to disclose your policies that ensure your high standards through your production process. You create an objective view into your business when you allow yourself to be transparent, allowing the broader story you tell to galvanize your central mission. Everyone creates an impact, and you can decide to what degree yours will be positive.

3. Create a desirable culture for your employees and vendors

Employees are your first customers and always a chief stakeholder. They deserve prioritization from the bottom up. You have the opportunity to align your business and your people into a highly effective and efficient operating model. Lean into ways in which you and your team can work heartily as much as they work hard. Imagine to what degree you can provide a thriving standard of living for your team. Consider how much more growth you would see when you could activate the potential of each and every person around you. This looks different for everyone, for example, your top priority may be to examine the diversity, equity, and inclusion you represent in your leadership. The motivation that comes with a business where everyone succeeds equitably can be staggering. We consider human capital as a part of your future economic benefit. As well, the continued, staggering growth of ESG investment shows the practical market opportunity. The need for a developed culture is as pragmatic as it is idealistic.

4. Stand out. "B-Certified."

In addition to the topics mentioned above, BCorps are required to continually dedicate themselves to an “impact business model” and measure their performance against an encompassing list of metrics. This looks vastly different based on who you are, what you do, and where you operate. Every size of company in every industry has the opportunity to become a BCorp, with different priorities they can capitalize on. Along the way you can discover how to stand out and truly be the best in every tangible and intangible way. 

At B-Certify, we provide the boost to launch and sustain your BCorp journey. We connect all the spokes of your business together into a hub of sustainable operations. Many businesses underestimate the complexity that comes with navigating the BCorp Certification. Their biggest deterrent often becomes the time and focus that usually conflict with the priority of their daily operations. We stand beside you as an objective, devoted project manager to make the process simple and keep you organized. Our experience with the certification makes us adept at change management and policy creation to keep your business flowing.

First and foremost, when customers see the BCorp logo, they can instantly know the complicated backend work has been accomplished. As a BCorp, you make their choice easy, which is good for the customer, and good for your business. Work with us to accelerate the process and certify your business among the best, most impactful in the world.

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